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Cape Town in all its glory

Lucy discovers her love of hiking...but not the leg pain after hiking!

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So, after a horribly early start, we arrived in cape town - stepping off the plane into glorious weather! HURRAH!

Day 1
The taxi from the airport was amazing - the first sight of Table Mountain was incradible...as was every other sighting after that - it never looked the same twice.

Got to our hostel then went for a walking tour of the local area suggested in the lonely planet - saw lots of the local sights including the major sight of where slaves were bought and sold - and the balcony where Nelson Mandela did his first speech to the public after his release. Also walked through these amazing gardens with loads of gorgeous little areas, hidden gardens and fountains etc. - beautiful!

After a chill at the hostel we walked to the V&A Waterfront which took a lot longer than we thought! A general toursit hot spot at the harbour with lots of restaurants/shops etc. (A bit like Pier 39 for those of you who have been to San Fran!). There we treated ourselves to a few cocktails while we watched gazed at table mountain and watched the sun set!

Day 2
We got up early planning to head back to the waterfront to get a boat to Robben Island (Mandelas prison) for a big tour...but the hostel told us it was sold out so, in about 5 minutes we decided we'd climb table mountain instead...threw on our hiking shoes and armed with nothing but a big bottle of water, a small packet of pringles, sun cream and a hat off we went... Probably not the best preperation but we survived!!

We hiked up one of the many routes to the top, probably the shortest distance wise but tough going! Basically 2 hours of 'steps' over big rocks, lots of scrambling up on your hands with VERY little shade. But - I LOVED it!! Was leading the way powering on (i KNEW the gym was working Bainer!!). Bring on Kili!!!

Finally got to the top where you can do hours more walking but we headed to the major area where the cable cars was and major view poitns for lunch. After we re-fuelled we threw out our original getting the cable car back down idea, got cocky and decided to climb down too!!

I struggled a lot more with this so it was Annas turn to lead the way - felt i'd lose my balance and fall down the whole time - and it was TOUGH on the thighs...our legs were shaking by the end haha!! Got a boost and stopped moaning when we pasted a 80 year old climbing up with about 5 people helping her with each step - Her excuse for taking her time as she passed us was 'I'm sorry, have lung problems'. What a hero!!

We were supposed to meet up with my friend that night but it didnt work out so we celebrated our hiking achievement with some drinks at the hostel and a bit of night out with some people there!

Day 3
Despite suffering a little from our celebrations the night before, we still managed to get up early to try heading to robben island again...alas it was for nothing - tickets were booked up till Tuesday so we had to abandon that plan. Ended up going shopping, wandering along the coast and heading to the beach for a bit. I say wandering...i mean hobbling - our legs from the hike up the Table were hilarious - we looked like Bambi learning to walk! Experimented with gettting a 'mini van' on the way back...essentially these little vans that whizz around yelling out the window where they are heading...if you're going their way you stop them and hop in and join anyone else whose going that way too! Work out very cheap - though one driver i think over charged us when he heared we were english..he got very excited and kept saying 'Lovely jubbly'...of all the english phrases to reach SA!

In the evening we went on a sunset cruise (sp?!) of the harbour in a catamarane to see CT coastline...(i bought Anna her ticket for her birthday...which id forgotten!). It was beautiful - if a little windy and choppy. Luckily you got given cosy blankets (whoop!) and free champagne! Saw some seals and a dolphin!

Got chatting to a lovely SA couple and later a Gay married couple from Brighton who ended up inviting us to join them for dinner - which was lovely. Went to a very posh restaurant which we felt a little out of place in given that we'd not been home since 9 that morning...plus it blew our budgetting rather! But BLESS Chris and Dave - they ended up insisting on paying for everything. We've said we'll meet up again in Brighton and treat them to dinner in a year or two!! Food was AMAZING - i had springbok...yum yum!

Day 4
We picked up the car today - after an annoying start (company were rubbishly organised and the guy didnt have a clue what was going on - but about an hour later we finally hit the road!)...

Guess what we had Han... a PICANTO!!! Whoop! Not the picanto of love this time (our car in Vilaricos!)...this time it was 'Picanto EXTREME' (all will become clear later - our car survived a lot!).

We drove to Cape Point - a national park including the most south westerly point of africa. The drive there was amazing - gorgeous coastal views. Once there we went on a walk to various viewpoints and despite our legs still being like jelly - we braved the 200 steps down and a big run down a sand dune to a secluded beach, . It was worth it - there we had our little packed lunch and watched as a Seal (Cecil as we named him), frolic about and hop on the rocks right in front of us!

After the climb back up the dune and 200 steps (ouch!) we got even more amazing views and i spotted a Whale!! Whoop! We then surprised ourselves even more by deciding to climb even more steps to the lighthouse and the official most south westerly point...we practically ran down afterwards - it made the pain not last as long!!!

I then did my first bit of driving - we headed back to CT via a different route - stopped to see a beach full of penguins and then for Tea and Cake in a lovely area called Kalk Bay. Got back to the hostel to have dinner, pack and then My friend Trev and his Girlfriend came to meet us for a drink in the hostel which was lovely - not seen him in three years!!!!

The next morning we left Cape town and the road trip adventures began....

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Hey gorgeous!
We're loving your updates!! It doesn't seem real that you are there...I want to pop upstairs at the Munrow and say 'hello' but I can't!! So pleased you are having a fab time and getting up to SOOO much amazing stuff! Good times!
Keep enjoying yourself and writing the updates.
McLove McYou!
Amy & Noel xxxxxxxxxxx

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