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Going Solo on my final east coast stint

The day after the amazing, if a little scary boat trip, it was time to say goodbye to Carrie and Sam. We'd had the most incredible time together that saying goodbye was always going to be tough...luckily it was at about 6 in the morning so we were all a bit too tierd to get tooo teary!

And so i was on my own...

Luckily I had Tobey and Lina ( the friends we'd made on the boat) and they were going up to Cairns too so I was to stay with them for the forseeable future.

Had a few days relaxing around Airlie beach, meeting up with some other friends I'd made further down the coast and generally having a very chilled time. Sadly the rain kicked in for a few days - and there wasn't a huge amount to do - other than eat and read!

My bus was booked up for a while, so Lina and Tobes went on ahead to Cairns and I had a few extra days in Airlie, hanging out with the guys we'd met at the Cattle Station (bonded over laughing at people flying off the bucking bronco!). These were the few days I got to act like a teenager again because the boys haven't gone to uni yet an so ensued days filled with childish games and generally being very silly. It was AWESOME!

We all left Airlie Beach together and had to have a compulsory stop on Magnetic Island which was loads of fun. Unfortunately from Airlie beach upwards you can't swim in the sea because of Crocs so there was no more swimming for us. We went for a walk along the beach though...apart from spotting an enourmous severed fish head...our minds went into over drive about what could have eaten the rest of it so got off the beach pretty pronto!

After a night on Magnetic I said goodbye to the boys and...feeling rather delicate...had a lovely long bus journey up to Cairns to be reunited with lina and tobey. A day made all the more enjoyable by the fact our bus broke down - hurrah!!! Luckily they sent a replacement after about 2 hours and we were on our way again to Cairns. Via a quick stop where i got to hold a snake. Whoop!

Cairns was a pretty cool city...though the rain joined us again for quite a bit of it as they were coming out of their rainy season. Still had a fab time though. I went on a day trip to Cape Tribulation - a world heritage sight as it is where the Great Barrier Reef meets the Rainforest.

Had a great day going on a croc cruise and doing walks thought the forest etc. Spotted a few crocs but they just sat on the bank looking rather fake!

While in cairns we also went on a day boat trip out to the Reef for some snorkelling. We all managed to get upgraded for some reason so ended up on a very swanky boat with afternoon tea, amazing food and sparkelling wine ont he return journey! The snorkelling out on the reef beat all other spots i'd done before on the trip. I just can't begin to describer the colours, coral and fish. It was magical. I kept getting so excited I had to stop - its hard to get excited while your concentrating on breathing through a snorkel. I swallowed too much water every time i smiled and giggled!!

And at this point I'd come to the end of my travelling plans...2 and a half months early!!!

Everything from now on was even MORE of an adventure!!!xxx

Posted by Lucy Hood 21:30

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wonderful memories of you learning to swim Lucy. You were very competant but because you insisted on talking and giggling all the time you kept going under. I finally had to bribe you to keep quiet so you could swim 25yds and get you badge!!

by antheajane

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