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After a fabulous 8 hour bus journey, we fiiiinally arrived in Airlie Beach...which doesn't actually really have a beach, but a fake lagoon pool thingy...but its a lovely spot nonetheless!

It was from here we were going on a 3 day 2 night sailing adventure around the Whitsunday islands. We'd be living on the boat the whole time with about 20 people and 4 crew, doing lots of snorkeling, diving and seeing lots of lovely beaches.

We got on the boat early and set off to our first snorkeling spot and a chance for people to have a go at scuba diving. I was so excited to have a go but i'm ashamed to say i panicked and lasted all of about 3 minutes. The instructor was quite frankly rubbish and i didn't feel confident at all. I WILL have another go another time though! The only bonus was apparently there wasn't much to see at that spot anyway!

We then went to White Haven Beach which was just incredible. The finest whitest sand you've ever seen. We had some snacks and a few beers while watching the sun set then we headed back to the boat for dinner...and so the drama unfolded. I can sound silly about htis now because it all turned out ok in the end - but at the time it was terrifying...not that i showed it. I was trying to be all sensible and look after Sam and Carrie.

So we were back on the boat all relaxing with a beer about to tuck into dinner...no sooner has we all sat down and had one mouthful, Sam said her mouth felt funny. Carrie immediately ran up to the chef to find out what was in the food - and despite us telling them TWICE that sam had a life threatening nut allergy, he'd gone and put peanut butter in the dinner....

To put this in perspective, every time Sam has accidentally eaten nuts in the past, she's ended up in hospital on a drip..and had to get there seriously quickly (as in half an hour or so) before her windpipe closes up.

Carrie told them we had to get her somewhere as quick as possible - but the captain said we were somewhere without any signal and at least 2-3 hours away from medical help.

And so followed possibly the most nerve wracking 2 and a half hour boat journey of my life...and if i think it was bad for me you can only imagine how it was for Sam and Carrie. I just sat with Sam trying to keep her calm, whilst also trying to comfort Carrie who was terrified about what was going to happen to her sister.

Luckily, by some gift from somewhere amazing, although Sam did get worse, it didn't get to her windpipe. We eventually got to an island with a medical centre and they had an ambulance waiting and had called the doctor out. Once i saw her get into the ambulance i got a bit teary with relief...i think we all were.

The Doc said not to go back on the boat tonight, but to stay on land in case it flared up again, but otherwise gave her the all clear. The only room they had was in a posh hotel, so the three of us stayed there which was a bit of a silver lining...but i think we'd all agree we'd have preferred not to go through that and sleep on a cramped boat instead!

Still...it all came good in the end and the next morning we were back on the boat ready to make up for a scary day before! And that we did - amazing snorkelling (and anyone who remembered my weird tropical fish obsession will understand how excited i was about this!) and making new friends made everything better.

Two friends in particular were these two swedish people Lina and Tobey who I ended up travelling with after Carrie and Sam left...legends.

Right - reliving the drama has taken it out of me a bit. I'll right another installment much less drama filled later...hopefully tomorrow! I'm on my own and have found a cheap internet spot so all is good!!

Love xxxxx

Posted by Lucy Hood 23:02

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